Functional Movement Screen

Perhaps you thought that physical therapy was only for old people, injured people, and those recovering from surgery.

Think again.

Tons of young, fit people are coming to our office to be evaluated with the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This system, developed by world-renowned therapist Gray Cook, is designed to identify errors in movement that can be risk factors for injury.

As you know, a majority of the injuries that occur during sport are non-contact. This means that no outside force is directly responsible for the injury. Why do these injuries happen then, and what can we do about them!?

Enter the FMS.

These injuries happen because of a momentary lapse in motor control, which is the ability of the nerve and muscular systems to control the movement of the skeleton. How an individual moves is developed during the first year of their life and things like injuries, chronic postural problems, and improper development can all lead to poor motor control. The FMS is specifically designed to identify these deficiencies in movement so that a plan of correction can be created.

The result? Decreased risk of injury and improved capacity for performance. In other words, better athletes!

If you are concerned that you or you child may be susceptible to injury, or you are focusing on improved performance, call our office today to schedule a FREE FMS Screen.

In health,

Dr. Joel Ardner


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