Why do young girls tear their ACL?

We do physical therapy in our office.

We also work directly with a local high school, supplying their athletic trainer.

One of the common trends we see (and the literature agrees with) is that young females tear their ACL more than any other group of people.

Let’s look at why this might be. As it turns out, WHY girls tend to tear their ACL a lot more than boys becomes the primary focus of how we rehabilitate torn ACL and what we preach in terms of prevention.

In basic terms, females tear their ACL because they cannot control their knee effectively during movements. This should be obvious when just considering what a ligament is and why it is there. A ligament is a passive structure intended to be a “last-ditch” support in the event that the knee muscles fail to keep the knee stable.

Now there are two schools of thought on this. Either you think that it was just a freak accident and there was nothing the athlete could have done, or you see that there was a lack of control that can be addressed and corrected.

Which one of these schools of thought is correct can be solved by looking at how the vast majority of ACL injuries happen. The vast majority are non-contact injuries. This means that no one hit the knee or ran into another player, it was simply a matter of losing control.

We have methods of analyzing and correcting movement which will drastically reduce a person’s odds of having an ACL injury or a re-injury. Any therapy team will be able to get your range of motion back, but our therapy team takes the next step of addressing why you injured it and correcting the real problem.

In health,

Dr. Joel Ardner

Optimal Health Potential

We use this term in the office to describe the goal of chiropractic care.

As we’ve discussed, chiropractic care is not about pain or symptoms, but more about achieving a higher potential for health. As our nervous system controls all body functions, the key to our health potential lies in this system.

In the office we examine how stress has affected the nervous system and use chiropractic adjustments to make changes and hopefully improvements. When the nervous system functions at a higher level, your potential for health increases as your body becomes more resilient to the stresses in your environment.

Of course, stresses can still be more than our body can adapt to. Getting hit by a fast moving bus will likely be more of a physical stress than our bones and soft tissues can handle. Drinking a few gallons of gasoline will probably be too high a chemical stress for our liver, kidneys, and other organs to process and eliminate.

Combining proactive chiropractic care with healthy lifestyle choices is going to give you the best chance of staying healthy and thriving.

In health,

Dr. Joel Ardner

Training = Rehab??

That is correct.

Training is the same thing as rehab, and rehab should be mainly training. This is how it happens in our physical therapy clinic. If you have seen any of our videos or been in our office, you’ll see most of our therapy patients lifting kettlebells or doing squats and core stability exercises. It looks like they are exercising!

You see, your body is going to fix the actual tissue damage (if there is any) by itself. We’ve discussed this plenty and you know that your body is the only thing that actually heals damaged tissue. So then what are we rehabbing??

In our office, we look for the cause behind your problem; WHY you developed the issue in the first place. For the vast majority of cases that we see, the problem is a lack of motor control (the ability to control how your body moves). Therefore, the prescription becomes training you to move in a manner which will protect your joints and other passive tissues.

After we have properly trained you to control your movement, the responsibility then becomes yours to build strength on the movement we improved. This will probably look very similar to what you did during your rehab, only you will progressively add more weight to the movements.

This is one of the reasons why so many people prefer our rehab approach at Fabrizio’s. We limit the pampering. We limit passive treatments that make you feel good, but don’t do much to help the cause of the problem in the long run.

Come experience the difference.

In Health,

Dr. Joel Ardner

(Credit to Charlie Weingroff for the ideas presented in this article)

Do I Need a Chiropractor If I Don’t Have Back Pain?


No one needs a chiropractor.

However, everyone that has a spine and is alive could benefit from seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. This is because chiropractors make adjustments to the nervous system which helps the body adapt to stress.

Stress is the root cause of all disease and disorders. Stress comes in three forms: physical, chemical, and mental/emotional. This could be anything from physical injuries to air pollutants or an abusive relationship. When these stresses are more than the nervous system (brain) can adapt to, dysfunction occurs and disease develops.

How this stress manifests in the physical body is different for every person (probably influenced by their genetics and what the stressor is). Some people get back and neck pain, others get inflammatory bowel, some others will wind up with anxiety/depression.

Medicine is not effective because it only treats the symptoms that come about from a body that is trying to cope with stress (and it is itself a chemical stress that the body must metabolize and eliminate). Chiropractic adjustments treat the physical manifestations on the nervous system which prevent the body from fixing its own problems.

Chiropractors should also advise on methods to reduce and manage stress outside of the office.

Let’s get started on building healthier families. We will become less reliant on others for our collective health.

In Health,

Dr. Joel Ardner


Can Chiropractic Cure My Asthma?


Chiropractic does not cure anything. Healing comes from within and it happens no other way. Only your body can fix its problems.

Chiropractic can help because its intent is to correct the manifestations that stress has on your nervous system. A stressed nervous system does not fix its problems as efficiently. Therefore, many people have claimed to have been cured from this or that disorder by a chiropractor. The only explanation is that the patient (and maybe the chiropractor) do not understand how it works.

I treat many people with asthma, and many of them report improvements in their symptoms and less reliance on medication, which is a win for everyone.

I also encourage my patients to find what is stressing their nervous system and their condition in their every day environment.

Limit stress in your environment and have the physical manifestations of stress adjusted by a chiropractor.

In Health,

Dr. Joel Ardner